Friday, 3 January 2020

Being Passionate is Better Than Caring

Whenever I need a confidence booster, I go create something I can be proud of. It’s a weird little way to increase self esteem, but knowing you made something with your own hands can be pretty empowering.

The same goes for daily routines. There’s nothing better than the feeling of accomplishing all your daily tasks, especially when they involve your health. Take your teeth, for example. Guess how you feel once you’ve brushed thoroughly, flossed well, used your mouthwash, and then smile big in the mirror? That’s right, you feel absolutely great about yourself and your looks. And your health!

This is the power of health, to put it forward. Knowing that you’re on top of your health and have great health in general can really boost your confidence in life, and honestly, it can motivate you to do more things than you normally would.

For example, have you ever created your own things out in the shop or somewhere in your home and felt extremely accomplished and proud of your work? To me, it’s one of the best feelings simply because you with your own money and on your own time. The best part is that it’s all outside of your job, meaning you’re doing these things as a hobby. And it’s a good feeling to be proud of your sweat equity.

That’s all it takes. Whether you’re doing something for your home, gardening outside, making vast improvements on your own dental health, you need to look at it as a hobby you love and a passion you don’t want to live without. When you’re passionate about something, no matter what that may look like, well, you feel great about what you do.

Lacking passion for hobbies or interests, though, can mean you grow complacent with your life and you never end up pushing yourself to do the good things. As weird as it sounds, you could even be passionate about owning a nice set of teeth. Because you worked for your teeth and you’re working to keep them great. It’s the same as anyone who lifts weights. They are directly responsible for their health and their increases in muscle mass, and they should be proud of those changes in their physique. It’s the same for you if you choose to do whatever it is you’re pursuing health wise.

Ultimately, if more people were passionate about what they did, there would be a lot more life in the world, a lot more caring. That’s a bit too much to ask for though, I think.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Monitor Your Intake of Vitamins and Nutrients

I never paid much attention to my vitamin and nutrient intake at any point in my life until now. Realistically, that’s the way the majority of people are and I think I knew that the entire time. This is likely what led me to not care that much, and it’s what made me not care about any of my diet’s numbers. Calories, macronutrients, and more just never mattered much, since I always considered my diet to be “okay.”

To be honest, I don’t know if I knew much about my diet before. I think I would just look at my body and judge how I was doing. If I was still relatively thin, well, I couldn’t be too bad off, right?

The problem with that thinking is that I’m 6’4”, meaning it would take me a long, loooong time before I would see negative results on my body such as added fat. In reality, I had some pretty faulty thinking with my diet and the nutrients I took in on a daily basis.

However, since overhauling my diet and physical workout routine, I’ve started to see my body slim down while also noticing effects in my waking thoughts, ideas, and moods. These were all positive, and I attribute that to my plant-based diet.

When it comes to certain aspects of our health, it’s important to know what we’re putting in our bodies. For example, some people often think they’re destined to have osteoporosis or bad teeth/gums. That doesn’t have to be the case so long as you get the right nutrients and vitamins in your body.

In fact, you could have a relatively poor dental hygiene routine, but if do all the right things with your diet and make sure to get exactly it is your body needs, your teeth and gums may be far better off than the next person who brushes twice daily but has a bad diet. That’s how important diet is for the different aspects of your health, and it’s why we should all be taught to track what we eat and drink in order to spot deficiencies and bad habits before they actually cause harm.

I know that tracking your diet is incredibly tedious, but once you start to get it down, it’s not nearly as bad as you would think. All it takes is getting started, just like a new diet or a new workout program. The longer you put it off, though, the shorter your life could end up being.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Healthier Alternatives to Sugar

Sugar, as we all know, can be quite a bad thing if you don’t keep it in moderation. Too much sugar can lead to weight gain. Too much can be bad for your blood sugar levels. And too much can cause other complications in general.

Does this mean we should cut out all sugar? Of course not. It just means we need to be more conscious of these sorts of things and monitor our intake of sugar a lot more than we’re accustomed to. While it can be a pain to look at those things all the time and have to keep track of what you’re eating, the health benefits will pay off once you notice the excess sugar you’re taking in from certain foods. From there, it’s as simple as cutting them out of your diet.

Anyway, let’s look at a few alternatives to table sugar that you can start using that are natural and have lower calories than what you’re used to.


Everyone knows honey is as natural a sweetener as they come. Honey tends to be better because it’s natural, but it’s also a very solid sweetener that you can use in hot drinks in the morning. Make sure not to overload your drink with honey, though. It’s still a bit higher in sugar content than you’d realize.

Agave nectar

Ahhh, one of my favorites. Agave nectar can be used if you’re vegan and don’t want to use animal byproducts. It may have a few more calories than table sugar, but it’s glycemic index is a lot better off than granulated sugar. You can use this in tea, you can use it in baking, and you can use it in your margaritas! (Fun fact: Did you know that agave nectar is used in margaritas for au natural margs? It compliments tequila quite well because, you know, they’re both from the same plant!)

Maple syrup

Last but not least, we have maple syrup. This is a very common substitute for sugar when baking sweet treats. Try not to get hung up on the notion that syrup is only used for pancakes and waffles. Instead, give it a try yourself and you’ll understand why it’s so often used in baking! In a pinch, it can be used in your hot drinks as well, though I’d recommend sticking to the above two items for that instead. Still, it’s another natural option to table sugar when you need it for various reasons.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Do Mouthwash And Oil Really Work Together?

Good oral cleanliness promotes, appropriate brushing and flossing in addition to the remaining procedures like tongue scratching or oil pulling are fundamental approaches to help keep your teeth clean, gums solid and avoid awful breath.

While these are amazing every day procedures, in the event that you are to have a healthy mouth and body it is imperative to deliver contributing factors to fundamental disease, for example, life style and diet.

Mouthwash and oil pulling work by dislodging food remains and microorganisms yet it is vital to apply the right methods and pick the correct item particularly with regards to a mouthwash.

Whichever you pick make sure you utilize it daily and know that if time is a limitation then 20 minutes of oil pulling a day is presumably not going to fit into your routine but you can get similar advantages in a single moment with a good quality mouthwash.


Mouthwashes give you nice breath however they also convey more than a minty new breath. A great mouthwash will have antibacterial properties so will diminish most bacteria on your teeth and in your mouth.

A magnificent mouthwash will contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory products that will boost your gum health.

Again you can get mouthwash off the rack or decide on a more natural item. The most vital thing to know is to always pick an alcohol free assortment.

Alcohol dries your mouth which enables microorganisms to reproduce quicker and makes you more prone to gum diseases or cavities. The ethanol in famous brands of mouthwash has been connected to the increasing risk of mouth diseases, dental checkups and should be avoided in this manner.

On the off chance that you are after a natural mouthwash read the label closely to guarantee it doesn't contain fluoride, alcohol, sugar, artificial coloring or sweeteners.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an old practice that includes gargling oil around your teeth and mouth for some time (in a perfect world 20 minutes). The thought is that the oil helps to force poisons out of the teeth and gums, keep them solid. Presently there isn't a lot of research out there on this point however there is a ton of narrative confirmation where individuals stress it has profited them and their oral hygiene.

Oil pulling is particularly in use right now because of numerous individuals finding the numerous medical advantages of coconut oil.

The method includes utilizing around 1 teaspoon of good quality coconut oil at that point stepping it forward and backward between the teeth for whatever length of time that you can hold it in your mouth, however close to 20 minutes, before spitting it out. At that point wash your mouth, brush your teeth and utilize your tongue scrubber to clean your tongue.

A portion of the detailed advantages of oil pulling are:
  • Expels bacteria, poisons, and parasites that live in your mouth or cancerous tumors
  • Helps remineralize your teeth
  • Fortifies your gums
  • Makes your teeth more white
  • Diminishes tooth sensitivity
  • Shifts mucous from your throat and sinuses
  • and has been accounted for to help with asthma, migraines, skin conditions, arthritis, diseases, liver issues and so on

As I specified there is minimal logical proof to move down these cases however numerous individuals swear by it. From a dental specialists point of view it can't do you any harm.