Thursday, 5 September 2019

Monitor Your Intake of Vitamins and Nutrients

I never paid much attention to my vitamin and nutrient intake at any point in my life until now. Realistically, that’s the way the majority of people are and I think I knew that the entire time. This is likely what led me to not care that much, and it’s what made me not care about any of my diet’s numbers. Calories, macronutrients, and more just never mattered much, since I always considered my diet to be “okay.”

To be honest, I don’t know if I knew much about my diet before. I think I would just look at my body and judge how I was doing. If I was still relatively thin, well, I couldn’t be too bad off, right?

The problem with that thinking is that I’m 6’4”, meaning it would take me a long, loooong time before I would see negative results on my body such as added fat. In reality, I had some pretty faulty thinking with my diet and the nutrients I took in on a daily basis.

However, since overhauling my diet and physical workout routine, I’ve started to see my body slim down while also noticing effects in my waking thoughts, ideas, and moods. These were all positive, and I attribute that to my plant-based diet.

When it comes to certain aspects of our health, it’s important to know what we’re putting in our bodies. For example, some people often think they’re destined to have osteoporosis or bad teeth/gums. That doesn’t have to be the case so long as you get the right nutrients and vitamins in your body.

In fact, you could have a relatively poor dental hygiene routine, but if do all the right things with your diet and make sure to get exactly it is your body needs, your teeth and gums may be far better off than the next person who brushes twice daily but has a bad diet. That’s how important diet is for the different aspects of your health, and it’s why we should all be taught to track what we eat and drink in order to spot deficiencies and bad habits before they actually cause harm.

I know that tracking your diet is incredibly tedious, but once you start to get it down, it’s not nearly as bad as you would think. All it takes is getting started, just like a new diet or a new workout program. The longer you put it off, though, the shorter your life could end up being.

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